Are you looking for a hassle-free fundraiser for your school or organization?  Let us at Rev'd Up Ink be your fundraising partner and we'll work with you through the easiest fundraiser you'll ever do.

How It Works
We will work closely with you to develop a line of products to offer through online sales on our website.  We'll be sure that the products will fit your target demographic in terms of trend, season, and price.  Logistically, this is how the fundraising tasks break down between Rev'd Up Ink and your organization:

Rev'd Up Ink will...
    • Establish the online products at your determined selling price.
    • Collect and process all orders and payment through
    • Provide you with a direct link to your items for marketing and promoting your fundraiser.
    • Process and package all orders individually by customer for easy distribution.
    • Deliver all sorted orders to your designated point of contact for distribution.
    • Process a check payable to your organization for all of the proceeds (selling price - cost price) raised through online sales.

Your organization only needs to:
    • Collaborate with Rev'd Up Ink to determine your items for sale and your markup over cost price to determine selling price.
    • Market your fundraiser and the direct link to your items for sale via flyers, e-mails, social media, etc...
    • Designate a point of contact within your organization to receive completed orders for distribution.
    • Distribute orders to customers (easily done at ball games, assemblies, cookouts, etc...)
    • Bank the easiest money you'll ever raise.

Things you don't have to do:
    • Hard sell items to reluctant customers.
    • Handle money collection and chase down non-payments.
    • Sort through boxes of items in bulk and separate items per customer.
    • Spend your valuable time away from your family and your hobbies in order to raise money.

Fill out a request form and we'll be in touch to discuss how we can help you meet your fundraising goals.