Custom Screenprinting

Have an idea for a great t-shirt? We offer design services that can help bring your ideas to life. Or we can use your own design to create your custom product to market your brand.  Provide us with camera ready artwork (vector based) of your logo and avoid setup charges.

Looking for a price list?  Because of the many variables involved in screen printed materials, it is difficult to provide a generic price list and still make sure that you get the best deal possible on your order. 

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Some of the variables that must be considered in pricing are:

Quantity. We are a production shop; we base our costs on production time. If you need a few shirts or 1000 shirts, it takes the same time to set the job up. Therefore larger quantities will always have a lower "per shirt" price than smaller quantities.

Garment. Basic t-shirts of course are least expensive, prices increase when you add pockets, long sleeves or choose a heavier weight of cotton like a Beefy-T. Ringer T's, 3/4 sleeve, and fleece are always more expensive.

Garment Color. Garments are typically defined in one of three color categories.  Whites, neutrals (ash and heather gray), and colors.  Prices vary across categories with white being the cheapest and colors the most expensive.

Print Location(s).  The number of locations to be printed on the garment affect price too.  Multiple imprint locations will change the price per piece accordingly.  Imprint locations include front, back, collar, sleeves, hem, etc...

Number of Printed Colors.  2 colors are more expensive than 1, and 3 colors are more expensive then 2 obviously.  The number of colors in each location affects the piece price.

Printing on Dark vs. Light Garments.  Darker garments are harder to print on and most colors require an under-basing so that the colors pop on dark garments.  Under-basing is essentially adding 1 color per location which will affect piece pricing.