Terms & Conditions

Design & Art Reproduction

Rev'd Up Ink, LLC cannot duplicate officially licensed merchandise such as collegiate or professional team logos, commercially branded logos, or replicas of commercially branded logos.  Examples include Arkansas Razorback, Harley Davidson, Nike, or other licensed and branded gear or "knock-off" imaging that uses a similar look to licensed images.  The only exception to this is if your are a licensed dealer of said brand and have permission to use a licensed image to promote your business.  Examples include car dealerships and franchised businesses.  In this instance, the business owner is solely responsible for meeting adherence standards to the licensed brand, not Rev'd Up Ink, LLC

Designs and imaging created by Rev'd Up Ink, LLC are the property of Rev'd Up Ink, LLC and may not be duplicated or reproduced in any way without the written permission of an authorized representative of Rev'd Up Ink, LLC.  Ownership of custom logos and designs created specifically for your business or organization may be purchased from Rev'd Up Ink, LLC for a fee.  The benefit of purchasing the ownership of custom designs and logos is the flexibility to use your custom design or logo across several marketing mediums, especially those outside the spectrum of services of Rev'd Up Ink, LLC. 

Contact us to inquire about your purchasing and ownership rights of your custom logos and designs.

Retail Sales

All retail sales through www.revdupink.com are considered final and will only be subject to refund or exchange in the event of garment and design flaw.  Rev'd Up Ink, LLC is not responsible for errors in personalization made by data entry error by the customer.  Put simply, if you misspell it, you've bought it.  If we misspell it, we'll fix it.

All purchases made through www.revdupink.com are subject to Arkansas sales tax if applicable.